A dinner to rimember: Traditional Tuscan Menu

A dinner to rimember: Traditional Tuscan Menu

Discover the true taste of tuscan cuisine
and choose our “Tratidional Tuscan Menu”
with 5 dishes and a local wine tasting experience.

Every guest will have a paper menu with history 
and oddities of the dishes prepared, a nice souvenir
to bring back home a memory of tuscan food.


Here you can find some of the mouth watering typical dishes
you can choose to create a Tratidional Tuscan Menu:

- tuscan Canapés with Cold Cuts
- Pasta with Chianina meat ragout sauce
- pappa bread and tomato Soup
- ribollita bread and vegetables Soup
- tuscan white beans and pasta Soup
- pepper and Chianti wine beef Stew
- Roast chicken, rabbit, guinea-hen and goose
- typical butter cream Roll dessert
- tuscan Cantucci biscuits