Tour of Arezzo

Arezzo is one of the richest towns in Tuscany, it is located on the crossroad of four valleys and it always had a leading role in tuscan history. There are many monuments, churches and museums to visit in Arezzo, here are some suggestions.

One of the main appeals of the town is surely the Basilica of San Francesco, in the historic centre. Inside the Basilica you will admire the famous Bacci Chapel and its wonderful History of the True Cross fresco cycle, masterpiece of the Renaissance painting by Piero della Francesca.

If you proceed towords Corso Italia you get to Santa Maria della Pieve, with a typical romanesque façade and a wide colonnade. Inside the church you can find an amazing polyptych by Pietro Lorenzetti (1320) and a wooden cross by Margarito from the 13th century. A few steps behind you get to Piazza Grande, with the Vasari Loggia on the left side of the square and The Palace of the Lay Fraternity on the right side. Piazza Grande is famous for being the set of Roberto Benigni’s “La Vita è Bella” Oscar-winning film.

In the upper part of the town rises the majestic Duomo, dedicated to San Donato. The Cathedral is renowned for its astonishing glass walls: the seven windows, masterpieces of glass-work, were created in the 16th century from the French master Guillaume de Marcillat. Inside the church you can find a fresco by Piero della Francesca and some glazed terra-cotta pieces by Andrea della Robbia. The “al Prato” park connect the Duomo with the 16th century Medici Fortress from which you can enjoy a stunning view of the town and valleys.

Arezzo is the birthplace of Giorgio Vasari. You can visit Casa Vasari, an older house rebuilt and frescoed by him in 1547, now open as a museum. Other art pieces by Vasari can be admired at the State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, famous for the interesting collection of majolica artworks.

Arezzo has so much to offer that can’t surely be visited in one day!

We suggest you to have a cocktail at Caffé dei Costanti in Piazza San Francesco, open since 1819.
And don’t forget the surroundings of Arezzo, with little typical tuscan villages: Cortona, Anghiari, the Val d’Orcia Valley and Siena.


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